News Release: I boycott

The BNVCA condemns the attitude and approach of a small group of Israelis who not only congratulate the European Union that has decided the mandatory but discriminatory labeling of products from Israel but still want to go further by asking the European Union to ban Israeli products from Jewish-controlled territories. The group of signatories includes some former Israeli Ambassadors, a former Prosecutor, a former Speaker of the Knesset, and a few other writers and so-called intellectuals.

We consider that the new provisions of the European Union encourage the general boycott of Israel. In the 1940s the French, who were seated on the side of the enemy acting against their country, were called traitors. While several countries have banned the boycott, this group of Israel believed to act in the name of a certain outdated political morality is wrong.

The freedom of expression that Israeli supra democracy allows them will undoubtedly reinforce the influence of the illegal BDS movement whose actions to incite hatred of Israel contribute to increase anti-Semitism and push for the anti-Jewish act in Europe in general and in France in particular.

We expect the Israeli government to take stock of the risk to diaspora Jews and to reframe the irresponsible signatories of this unjust and dangerous petition.


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